Abalone with Chicken and Snow Fungus Soup
Abalone with Chicken and Snow Fungus Soup
Australian Green Lip Ablalone  1-2pcs
Chicken 1pc
Ginger 4slices
Water 3600ml
Snow Fungus(Soaked) 1pcs
Salt  Some
1. Rinse and blanch abalone and chicken. Soak snow fungus, trim and cut into small pieces. Blanch and drain well.
2. Place abalone, chicken and ginger into hot pot with water. Bring to boil. Cover and boil over medium heat for 2 hours. Add snow fungus into the pot, continue boiling for another 20 minutes. Take out abalone and cut 10 pieces to be used in “Abalone rolls with Asparagus”.
3. Season to taste with salt. Serve.
Cooking Tip: When cooking soup, put the abalone into cold water to avoid it from shrinking. The surface may easily crack and the lip may peel off. Asparagus must be cooked thoroughly. Carrot slices can be peeled with peeler.
Texture: Abalone is chewy, silky and tasty.
Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Suggested Ingredients