Awards and Recognition

ISO 22000 Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 is an international standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system throughout the food chain. Under ISO 22000, Yee Lim Food Processing Centre (Dah Chong Hong, Limited) monitors the entire food supply chain, from tracking food sources, monitoring ingredients quality, food packaging, to ensuring food safety and hygiene standards in the production process. To reduce the risks of food borne illnesses and cross contamination, staff training on food safety is also emphasized.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a safe food production system. The HACCP system able to identify, assess and control hazards in the food production process, from purchasing, receiving, transportation, storage, preparation, handling, cooking to serving. Food safety control is integrated into the design of the process focusing on active prevention rather than relying mainly on end-product testing. It maintains food quality at the highest standard throughout the production processing. To ensure the food quality, HACCP is now mandatory by law for manufacturers of meat and poultry in countries such as the United States and Canada.

Quality Food Traceability Scheme (GS 1 Hong Kong) - Gold Enterprise Winner

Yee Lim Food Processing Centre (Dah Chong Hong, Limited) has demonstrated the excellent level of global safety and traceability standards implementation and the maturity of food traceability system. The scheme was held by GS1 Hong Kong. GS1 is a neutral, not-for-profit and ISO endorsed organisation, it has dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards, for more efficient, visible and safer supply chains.

Yee Lim Food Processing Centre (Dah Chong Hong, Limited) has demonstrated excellence in food traceability practices, including the effective adoption of international standards and technology for the food management systems. In case of suspected food safety issues, the GTS enabled system ensures immediate access to accurate product information and swift recalls of products. It also facilitates quality assurance and ensure consumer health and safety.


DCH Foods is accredited by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency by improving the operation and workplace performance and optimizing the performance, comfort, safety, cleanliness, employee morale and efficiency. Thus, staffs can work in a better workplace and provide a better service to customers.

「Quality Service Recognition (Supermarket)」

Quality Service Programme (QSP)is the assessment competition from The Hong Kong Retail Management Association(HKRMA). Quality Service Programme (QSP) is covering the following three distinct tiers of service, including the existing Industry Service Benchmarking and Customization Assessment Plans, and newly introduced recognition schemes named "Quality Service Recognition" (QSR) and "Flagship Service Recognition" (FSR) . In light of the rapidly evolving customer journey and requirements on quality service, elements including technology adoption, innovative customer experience, and enhancing customer communication were added in the shopfront assessment, which serves as an effective service performance assessment tool for retailers.

DCH Foods is awarded for “Quality Service Recognition (Supermarket)” starting from 2018, as our goal for providing quality service and products to customers.

Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Scheme

DCH Foods has been accredited from QTS Scheme for more than 10 consecutive years. Under the scheme administered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), QTS-accredited establishments must pass stringent annual assessments showing that they meet high standards of product quality and service. Those standards include providing clearly displayed price, displaying clear product information and providing superb customer service.

"No Fakes Pledge" Scheme

The scheme was established by Intellectual Property Department of HKSAR. Being a member, DCH Foods committed not to sell or deal in counterfeit or pirated goods and to sell only genuine goods. Therefore, tourists and consumers can shop with confidence.

Hong Kong Top Service Brand Ten Year Achievement Award

The award was established by Hong Kong Brand Development Council. DCH Foods has excellent performances in business performance and track of success, brand strategies and management, as well as contribution to industries and society.

Mother's Day Awards

The award was established by TVB Weekly and the results were voted by Hong Kong consumers in secret ballot. The award shows that DCH Foods gained lots of trust and confidence from consumers.

The Caring Company Scheme

DCH Foods is being awarded for 11 consecutive years, it shows that the company keeps promoting corporate social responsibility and creating a more inclusive society. To contribute the sustainable growth of Hong Kong society, we proactively worked with different social service organisations. For instance, we participated the Donation of Children’s Thalassaemia Foundation and “Mooncake to Elderly” with Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service.